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The Passover & The Resurrection

The Passover & The Resurrection In this weeks scripture reading, Moses instructed the elders of Israel to prepare the Passover lamb. Exodus 12:21: “Then Moses called for all the elders of Israel and said to them, “Go, select lambs for your families and slaughter the Passover lamb.” In Exodus Chapter 12, God rescued the children of Israel from centuries of Egyptian bondage.  God would send one final … Read More The Passover & The Resurrection

She Bears Seed

She Bears Seed Women of God, do you feel like you are about to GIVE BIRTH to something GREAT!  All you need is someone to believe in you.  Is there a promise inside of you just waiting for fruition?  Ladies, all you need is someone to get behind you and say PUSH!  What does it mean to live our BEST LIFE?  To live your … Read More She Bears Seed

Fire on the Altar – Burning With Passion For God

Keep The Fire Burning Greetings Beloveds, The Book of Leviticus serves as a reminder that requirements are necessary.  We often need to be reminded of how good God is and how unfaithful we can become when left to our own devices.  The Levitical law serves a reminder that our actions can draw us closer to God.  Today, let us take a look at God’s … Read More Fire on the Altar – Burning With Passion For God

The Call

The Call Leviticus 1:1−2: “Now Adonai called to Moses and spoke to him out of the Tent of Meeting, saying: “Speak to Bnei-Yisrael, and tell them: When anyone of you brings an offering to Adonai, you may present your offering of livestock, from the herd or from the flock.” Judeo-Christian history began with God’s call to Abraham, to leave his land and family and enter into covenant … Read More The Call

Purim To Passover: Common Themes of Redemption

What is Purim? Purim is the celebration of the victory the Jewish people experienced from the plot of Haman to annihilate the Jews while in captivity in the Medo-Persian Empire found in the book of Esther.  In this biblical account, God demonstrated His unique and sovereign protection and preservation of His chosen people – through whom it had been prophesied that our Savior would come. According … Read More Purim To Passover: Common Themes of Redemption