Take Your Soul To Work: Day 10 – Tension

“Comfortable people seldom grow.  At times the job of a mentor is to make people uncomfortable; yet comfortable enough to learn; and loved enough to keep coming back.”

“There is not one aspect of life where tension doesn’t have critical value,” said Reggie Joiner, the founder and CEO of Orange, a company that helps ministries maximize their spiritual influence. Joiner offered examples of the value of tension: Tension among the parties and branches of a government creates a needed system of checks and balances. Tension in science can lead to remarkable insights and discoveries. Tension in a family provides an opportunity to demonstrate commitment and unconditional love. Tension within a team pushes its members to better perspectives and deeper relationships.  Joiner invited us to observe Yeshua’s (Jesus’s) relationship with his disciples. “Too many Christians have an image of twelve best friends sitting in a circle on a peaceful hillside, listening to their teacher tell inspirational stories.

It’s just too easy to miss the point that Yeshua almost always made his point in the middle of some extremely tense moments.” When a rope has tension, it is being stretched to capacity. When we’re tense, we’re often being stretched to capacity. Leaders do not cower in the presence of tension. Tension is confrontation. Confrontation means that you are facing a challenge directly rather than turning away from it.”

“Tension grows us. All growth begins with discomfort. Without it, there is no reason to change. We mature when we finally realize that life is not about achieving peace but about effectively managing tension.”


Think of a very tense moment in your leadership.


How did you grow from it?

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