Take Your Soul To Work: Day 6 – Humility

“Along the way, in this migration of awakening, we experience personal growth and refinement.  I believe that the closer we grow in our relationship to God, the more aware we become of our weaknesses.  Our weak moments can serve as a reminder to us, that we should say to ourselves, ‘this is who I want to be;’ as opposed to saying ‘I have arrived’.”

“Frank Wells was a Rhodes scholar, an athlete, a mountain climber, and the vice chairman of Warner Brothers when Disney approached him and asked him to partner in running the company.

In the ten years he ran Disney, the company’s market value went from $2 billion to $22 billion. Usually people recognize Wells’s more famous partner, Mike Eisner. But Wells was much more comfortable outside the spotlight, doing the quiet work and giving others the credit. That’s why you may not recognize his name.

On April 3, 1994, Wells was in a helicopter crash while on a ski trip. He died at the age of sixty-two. When his belongings were collected, his family found a note that he had carried for thirty years in his wallet: ‘Humility is the final achievement.’

Humility was his final achievement. To be humble, you must remind yourself of your deficiencies. Think about where you came from and how far you still have to go. You have to remind yourself with a note in your pocket. A famous piece of Hasidic wisdom states that you should always carry two notes in your pockets. In one pocket, carry the words, “For me, the world was created.” In the other, carry the words, “I am but dust and ashes.” Your leadership lies between these pockets of power and humility. Enter each day with your head bowed. Every day. Remember the note in your pockets.”


“Identify a powerful leadership quote that keeps you humble. Copy it and carry it in your wallet.”

Day 7 – Trust

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