“Andrew Carnegie was a steel magnate in the nineteenth century. He was also a great philanthropist grown from the crucible of poverty and hard work. He propounded in his article “The Gospel of Wealth” the thesis that those who earn more than others need to take greater responsibility for the welfare of others. And he did. In the arts. In the sciences. In the building of libraries and great academic halls. But perhaps Carnegie’s greatest contribution is revealed in the words chiseled on his tombstone: ‘Here lies a man Who knew how to enlist In his service Better men than himself.’ When the last words said about you speak of others, your leadership has spilled into the world.

In addition to all the buildings and endowments that live beyond you are a troop of people who value what you valued and live in the spirit of your generosity and expansiveness. Seeing what is great in another is a mark of greatness within the self. Being able to compliment, nourish and challenge someone else demonstrates that you are never alone in your work.

Pay attention to growers. They’re the people who step away from their own desks when you come into view. They’re the people who ask challenging questions, not to show how smart they are, but to show you how talented you are. They’re the ones who suggest next steps and help you get there and beyond.”


Identify someone for greatness and take the first step in mentorship.

Day 10 – Tension

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