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Day 29 – Operating In The Court of Heaven

Has Abba shown you a vision of victory for your life, yet your journey from “here to there” has been a constant battle of set-backs, sabotage, delays, and resistance?     Has your urgent and diligent prayers been met with frustration? 

According to Hebrews 4:16, the throne of God is a place of judicial activity.  The throne of God is where we can obtain mercy and divine assistance to help in the time of need.  The throne of God is where true breakthroughs can occur.  In prayer, we can make petitions, and plead our case before Elohim, the Righteous Judge of Heaven, with Yeshua as our advocate, making intercession for us. 

Hebrews 4:16:

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” 

However, there is another entity in the Court of Heaven, and that is Satan, the “complainant” who is the master legalist, ever-ready to present a judicial case against the people of God.  At times, the enemy has a legal right to operate in specific areas in our lives because of doors that have been left open – that we have not repented of and closed.   We must repent and close the door to our sins, the sins in our family-line, and the sins of this nation. 

The bible calls Satan the “accuser of the brethren” ({Rev 12:10)The enemy will exercise any legal right that has been given him to oppose our God given destiny.   These legal rights often follow a judicial protocol in the spirit realm; these protocols function as resistance to our prayers (embargos, legislations, ordinances, & verdicts) that legally oppose the purposes of God from being established in our lives.  We must REPENT and break these strongholds off of our lives so that we can freely experience God’s BEST – UNHINDERED and WITHOUT RESISTANCE!

Petitions In The Courts of Heaven:

The following prayer can be used as a guide for your own petitions in the Court of Heaven.

FATHER, Your word declares that I can come boldly before your throne of grace, where I can find mercy and grace to help in my time of need.  Thank you, Lord, that today I have come humbly before Your throne in reverent honor to make petitions and requests concerning matters where I need Your DIVINE intervention. 

FATHER, I repent of my sins and the sins of my ancestors. I repent for all disobedience that has blocked Your blessings in my life.  Father, I ask that You sever, over-rule, and veto every legal right, legislation, verdict, embargo, and ordinance of the enemy that hinders and prevents me from walking in the fullness of my God ordained destiny.   I thank You for Father for forgiving me of my sins. I thank You Father for redeeming me from every legal curse.  

Father, I ask that You would grant unto me a full PARDON from the penalty, reproach, and consequences of sins based upon Yeshua’s sacrifice on Calvary.  Father, I stand on (Romans 8:28-35) and ask You LORD to cleanse me from all unrighteousness.

Lord, I praise Your name, for I am free from every form of collective captivity in my family line. Please remove those things from my life that would hinder my fruitfulness. Uproot those things in my life that are not like you. Help me to discover and recover the hidden treasures that You intended for me.  Father, walk me back to the foundations of my life and heal, deliver, and redeem me.  Please restore me to Your original design and purpose as if the enemy never interfered with my life.   (Galatians 3:13)

Father, as I stand before You, I honor You as the Great Judge of all the earth. I thank You for the Blood of Yeshua that is speaking for me according to (Hebrews 12:24). If there are those who can accuse me of anything, Lord I ask that You not hearken to the voice of my accusers but wash me with Fuller’s Soap and make me what You want me to be (Malachi 3:2).  I thank You that the Blood of Yeshua silences every accusation against me. 

Father, according to (Colossians 2:14) all the written ordinances that would speak against me are now silenced by the Blood of Yeshua. Thank You that all cases against me in the spirit realm are removed by virtue of Yeshua’s sacrifice on Calvary. 

Father, as I stand before Your Courts, I ask for Your MERCY concerning the petitions that I have brought before You.  Your word in Isaiah 43:26 declares:

“Put Me in remembrance;
Let us contend together;
State your case, that you may be acquitted.”
 Lord, I place You in remembrance of what You wrote concerning me in my book of destiny (Psalms 139:16).  Father, I thank You that You created me for a divine purpose, in which You have recorded in this book.  I bring the purpose in which I have been created before You now. I ask You Lord to remove hindrances and bring into fullfillment the destiny  that You have ordained for me. I repent for any place where I have walked contrary to Your woll for my life. Father, according to (Jeremiah 29:11), I ask that the beautiful destiny that You have ordained for me would be fulfilled. I ask for divine favor to come into my life.  I ask that You would send my divine helpers.   I ask that circumstances would line up to allow what You have written in my book to come to pass.   I ask that great doors of opportunity would open so that I might fulfill Your purpose for me on the earth.  Lord, I ask this not just so that I can experience blessings, but so that Your divine purposes would be established on the earth.  Lord, I am asking that the passion of Your heart would be done through me on this earth.  Father, please help me to fulfill what You have ordained for me to accomplish.  Father, please fulfill Your divine passions in  my life.  Father, please fulfill the dreams that You dreamed when You created me.   Father, impart unto me Your grace that empowers me to obey Your counsel.  Father,  please help me to finish well and accomplish all You have destined for me to achieve for Your kingdom purposes. 

Isaiah 61:7:

“Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.”

 Father, today, I come humbly before Your throne requesting Your divine intervention in the mater of ____________ .  FATHER You are the God who removes the reproach.   Today, I ask You Lord to take up my case regarding __________. Would you please Lord grant Your favor towards me in this matter.   Now, Lord, let the angelic hosts who execute Your righteous judgments go forth bringing restoration, healing, and redemption concerning _______________.  Father, please release Your warring angels to destroy the enemy’s assignments against my life and to restore my kingly destiny.    Father, please release Your ministering angels to execute Your favor and righteous judgement concerning me.  Please release Your ministering angels to secure my breakthroughs, my destiny, and my inheritances from this time forward and forever more.  In the Name of Messiah Yeshua, I posses ALL my GATES with VICTORY. I proclaim that I have a legal right to receive everything YOU have for me namely:
• Life, Health, Beauty, Mental Sharpness
• Skills, Talents, Spiritual Gifts, Wisdom
• Family, Wealth, Fame, Ministry, Favor
• Open Doors, Joy, Peace, A Future
• Might, Honor, Abundance, Destiny, and SonshipIn Yeshua’s mighty name – AMEN! 

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