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Credit: Emily Rose Lewis

Prophetic Word:

The Word of the Lord came to me and said, ‘2020 is going to be a year of Divine Substitution and Divine Replacement.’ He impressed on my heart that there would be a top down domino effect that has already been set in motion in our land. No amount of wicked scheming will be able to remove those that the Lord has strategically placed to bring about His will in the earth.

Do not be discouraged by those that conspire to block God’s chosen vessels from coming into their predestined positions of authority. No one will be able to reverse what God has set in motion.”

The prayers of His remnant people will not go unanswered. Those that have humbled themselves and said, ‘Be it unto me according to your word,’ will see God’s vision fulfilled for their lives. Those that have refused to trust in their own arm to save them but instead leaned fully on the power and justice of God to bring promotion and favor will see the hand of God move in a mighty way to glorify Himself in their lives. He will remove and replace what needs to be removed and replaced.

The year 2020 is going to be a year of divine replacements for those that have strayed from the path of righteousness or turned from their assignment. Those dear saints that have been hidden in the secret place, remaining faithful in times of drought and in times of testing are coming out as pure gold, prepared to replace the mixture of bronze. The world will shout, ‘Unqualified!” but you are not to listen to these voices. God is going to uproot and displace those that are in the way of His chosen and anointed vessels taking their position in the places that He has prepared for them.  This is a season to know who you are in Christ, what you have been called to, and walk in Holy Spirit confidence by using the keys that have been placed in your hands to take authority in the position that you are being placed in.”


1 Peter 5:5:

“For the scripture says, “God resists the proud, but shows favor to the humble.” 

Recently the Spirit of the Lord woke me up on the fourth watch and as I began to pray I heard God speak to me this one word: ‘Earnest.’ As I began to seek Him for further revelation He impressed upon my heart the importance of His people being willing to pour themselves out in order to accomplish His plans in their lives. I then heard the words, ‘Earnest Money.’

Earnest money is: money you put down as a good-faith gesture that you’re serious about buying a house.  Acts of obedience and generosity that flow out of pure devotion to the Lord and from a heart of faith in what He has promised are the spiritual ‘earnest money’ that reveal to the Lord you are serious about being used by Him and willing to have all that He has promised come to pass in your life. Earnest money, or radical acts of obedience and generosity, are the evidence of your faith in a God that fulfills what He promises.

James 2:17:

‘In the sam way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.’ 

The Kingdom work that is being done behind the scenes, the intimacy in fellowship with the Father, the being led by Holy Spirit in both large and small matters, the serving when no one was looking, and the asking for the big things that God has promised for the church and for you personally are the furrowing of the ground.

The year 2020 is not a time to shrink back in fear. Continue to speak forth what the Lord has shown you in the secret place  over your life,  your family, church community, and the regions where you live. To read this prophetic word in it’s entirety, please visit: CLICK HERE:

To read this prophetic word in it’s entirety, please visit: CLICK HERE:

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