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The Corona Virus has crippled the nations of our world.   Through this epidemic, I believe that the entity that will feel the most strain is The Church. 

Here in America, government  subsidies have been sanctioned to bail-out industries. Even if you are a small business owner, the Small Business Administration is offering assistance to businesses owners during this global pandemic.  However, what about the Church?”

God forbid if this epidemic lasts for any length of time, many Ministries will not be able to be sustained financially, which could result in unpaid bill’s and in some cases permanent closure. 

Due to government stipulations, perhaps, pastors will have to rethink how they do ministry.  The undgerground church in persecuted countries thrive, operating in signs, wonders, and miracles. Perhaps we must learn to do what they do. Whatever it takes.  We must keep advancing the Kingdom of God.

Trust God, this global epidemic will result in the greatest SPIRITUAL AWAKENING that this world has ever seen.  Think outside the box Pastors. Keep your ministry thriving.”

What would Jesus do if He had faced the Corona Virus in His time? I believe that Jesus would He stand in His authority and arrest that foul spirit of death!

If you are a Pastor or ministry leader, please be encouraged by the testimony of John G. Lake, the great healing revivalist during the era of the Bubonic plague. He did not shrink back, but operated in great FAITH and POWER demonstrating that God’s Power was far greater than the Bubonic plague.  John G. Lake led the way for the establishment of healing rooms throughout the country.

John G Lake: Testimony During The Bubonic Plague:  The Law of The Spirit of Life!

“Faith belongs to the Law of Life. Faith is the very opposite of fear. Faith has the opposite effect in spirit, and soul, and body.

Faith causes the spirit of man to become confident. It causes the mind of man to become restful, and positive. A positive mind repels disease. Consequently, the emanation of the Spirit destroys disease germs.”

And because we were in contact with the Spirit of life, I and a little Dutch fellow with me went out and buried many of the people who had died from the Bubonic plague.

We went into the homes and carried them out, dug the graves and put them in. Sometimes we would put three or four in one grave.

We never took the disease. Why?

Because of the knowledge that the Law of life in Christ Jesus protects us. That law was working.  Because of the fact that a man by that action of his will, puts himself purposely in contact with God, faith takes possession of his heart, and the condition of his nature is changed.

Instead of being fearful, he is full of faith. Instead of being absorbent and drawing everything to himself, his spirit repels sickness and disease.”

The Spirit of Christ Jesus flows through the whole being and emanates through the hands, the heart, and from every pore of the body.

You observe that we lay hands upon the sick for healing. What for? Simply that the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus that dwells in the Christian may flow through our hands into their body. We were praying for a sick woman last night, when I saw the Spirit of God strike. It flashed through her soul just as consciously as a stroke of lightning. I felt it in my spirit and I know the one we were praying for was conscious of it too. The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.

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No foreign god can take YOUR place!  It’s YOU that I LOVE… It’s YOU that I LOVE!”

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