The WAY that the Lord is going to move is going to shake the religious mindsets and expose the spirit of religion in the Church in a way we have never seen. The Lord’s heart in shaking up His house in such intense ways in this new era is to bring forth His true ecclesia and to see His people walk in humility and purity before Him.

The Church will transition into a deep place of worshipping the Lord in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24)

The move of God that’s coming and the fear of the Lord being restored to the Church is going to expose the religious spirit and the pride of man, and bring forth such a beautiful work of His Spirit bringing cleansing and purification for a greater positioning of (Isaiah 60).

He is going to raise up the TRUE ECCLESIA He is going to raise up the Church in ways we have never seen. He is truly looking for those who truly love Him and follow Him. He is bringing His people into freedom. He is bringing His Church into freedom. Where the religious spirit has contained, suffocated and killed there is a dealing of the Lord upon that religious spirit.

There is a great urgency of the hour as we move further into this new era that we embrace the move of God whatever it looks like, to live so close to His heart that we recognize Him and His move even if/when it looks different to what we expect and not be offended or kill a move of God because it doesn’t fit into our box.

In the deep dealing of this religious spirit in the Church by the hand of God, the TRUE BRIDE will arise in His love and power and shine in the earth like she has never shone before!” (Credit: Lana Vawser)

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