40-Day Prophetic Bootcamp

Day 4: The Love of God: A Prophetic Soaking Experience



God is incredibly purposeful about the way He loves us. His intention is to make us confident & secure in His affection; so much so, that His love consumes every area of our lives.”  — Graham Cooke


Prophetic Soaking Experience:

God never intended for us to prove that we are enough for someone else.  We must stop trying to win the favor and approval of uncaring people. It is not our job to get people to like us. We am free from constantly striving to be all things to all people. You are accepted and beloved in God. Let’s allow God to open up new doors and new opportunities of love and friendship. BE FREE! (Isaiah 61:1-4)!


Scripture Meditations:


FOCUS –  Let us enter an adventure of experiencing the love of God. Let every waking moment be full of the revelation of God’s love for us. Let’s allow God to fill those empty places in our lives with His extravagant love.

JOURNAL – Write in your prayer journal.  Wait in the presence of the Lord.  Hear what God is saying to you about the plans that He has for you.  We are training our ear to hear from God.  Speak out in prayer concerning that which Abba has shown you.  You are strengthening your prophetic voice.  

Let’s Pray

Father, please break off all shame and condemnation that prevented me from experiencing Your love.  Father, I repent for attempting to find my identity in external things.   I repent for seeking man’s approval over Your approval.  Father, I embrace Your love for me.  I choose now to live in the fullness of Your extravagant love.  In the name of Yeshua – Amen! 

Worship Experience:


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