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2020: Separation, Reformation, & Revival!

Credit: Prophet Charlie Shamp 2020: Separation, Reformation, & Revival: Often throughout the Bible, when God desires to draw His people closer to Him for a greater purpose, there is a separation that is required. There are times where we are invited to come CLOSER to Him! Separation and consecration are often the catalysts to receive the Divine!” Acts 13:2: “While they were worshiping the … Read More 2020: Separation, Reformation, & Revival!

Prophetic Mentoring With Lana Vawser

Prophetic Mentoring With Lana Vawser: Did you know that we were created to hear from God? God made us to abide in a love relationship with Him, wherein He desires to speak with us at all times. Therefore, we have the access to hear Him speak to us at all times, because we are filled with His Spirit! If you’re looking to grow deeper … Read More Prophetic Mentoring With Lana Vawser

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