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Reviving The Weary Warrior

Credit: Lana Vaswer I AM REACTIVATING THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN KNOCKED-OUT AND AROUND IN THE BATTLES” This prophetic word is for those of you who have been in battles, whether it’s been a very long battle or a recent battle, the Lord is sending forth ENCOURAGEMENT to you. He’s sending forth an invitation to you to align your faith and agreement with Him. There … Read More Reviving The Weary Warrior

New Year 2020: Positioned To Recover

Credit: Jamie Rohrbaugh Beloved, are you excited about this new year, 2020? You should be! The Lord has some major things in store for YOU, His beloved child. If you’re curious about what exactly He would like to do in your life, this is the word the Lord gave me for you for 2020: I heard the Lord say…. 2020 is the year of … Read More New Year 2020: Positioned To Recover

Spiritual Housekeeping

Spiritual Housekeeping I enjoy reading the stories of the wandering of the children of Israel through the wilderness.   Their struggles are common to all of us. The children of Israel endured many trials along the way to the Promised Land.   Numbers 4:21, explains that the children of Israel’s journey through the wilderness was filled with many painful circumstances and traumatic events that left the … Read More Spiritual Housekeeping

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