Credit: Lana Vawser Ministries

Decade 2020: Supernatural Upgrades For The Next Ten Years:

The Lord showed me that because of the battle that many have faced in 2019 and having to fight through so much and journey through great transition and opposition it has left many weary and has left many feeling like they are ‘barely scrapping through’ into 2020. Those feelings and wounds are keeping the vision of many of God’s people SMALL. Too small, when God is wanting to release vision for 2020 and the next DECADE.


I heard the Lord say that the scrolls that He is releasing right now, the vision for the next decade, simply in the positioning of approaching the Lord and taking time to hear what He is saying for 2020 and this next decade, will see the people of God receive vision that is unprecedented and the breath of the Holy Spirit in the scrolls is going to revive, restore, heal and fill His people with joy.
No matter how big the vision is, now matter how impossible is seems, no matter how “out of left field” it feels or seems, listen, meditate and digest the vision. Agree with it for healing, revival and restoration is going to come through the receiving of the scroll. There are going to be such profound encounters with Jesus and revelation of the Word of God that is going to take place through the release of these scrolls that is going to bring SUDDEN healing in hearts, minds and bodies. I watched as supernatural healing were suddenly taking place as God’s people were encountering the Lord and digesting the scrolls that He is releasing. What He has written and spoken over their lives and over the plans that He has for their lives, for cities and nations.”
There is going to be a major increase of angelic visitation and encounters in the Body of Messiah in 2020 and this next decade where the Body of Messiah will understand in greater ways the role of the angelic in ministering to the saints and moving at the command of the Lord.

In the receiving of these scrolls through positioning and agreement of what is written within them, those that obey and receive them will begin to move in a realm of the supernatural that is unlike anything they have ever seen.

This will not be wacky supernatural “contradictory to the Word of God” occurrences, but the Lord is going to open up the realm of the supernatural to His people like never before, that is grounded and founded in the Word of God and the people of God will be taught how to operate in the spirit realm through the gift of sight, discernment, encounters, dreams etc. like never before.

Excerpt from Lana Vawser Ministries: To read this prophetic word in its entirety, please CLICK HERE
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