New Year 2020: New Mantels! New Assignments:


Credit: Lana Vawser Ministries

New Mantles:

The Lord showed me that many prophets have been in the battle of their lives in 2019 on so many fronts because they are stepping into their mantle and new missions and assignments from the Lord that are going to shift and affect NATIONS and MULTITUDES. I had an encounter with the Lord and I saw the prophets who have been through incredibly intense fire of opposition have found the fourth man in the fire. They have come to a place of dependence upon Jesus and the Word of God like never before. The enemy has pushed and attempted to force them into a corner screaming “GIVE UP” but the Lord has decreed “COME UP!” (Revelation 4:1)
There is a MAJOR acceleration taking place right now over the lives of many prophets. The enemy is screaming in every direction that breakthrough is further away than it has ever been but the truth is that the Lord is inviting the prophets into a level of revelation of His Word and, His strategies and His wisdom manifested (James 1:5) in their lives and through their lives on an unprecedented scale.
In this new era many prophets are going to step into their mantle and anointing in these new missions and ‘shoes’ He is giving them to see the most incredible demonstration of His power on the earth.
What many of the prophets have been experiencing as far as opposition in 2019 has been about the MANTLE that God is releasing upon them in 2020 and beyond. The Lord showed me that many prophets have been afflicted by the enemy in such a way to “WOUND” them and stop them from advancing.
The Lord showed me many prophets have been ‘wounded’ in 2019 but have continued to remain faithful before the Lord, crying out for the healing of the Lord and the breakthrough of God. In the midst of their own pain and their own turmoil, grief, despair and discouragement they have remained faithful to what the Lord has called them to and kept their hand to the plough even when the enemy as been screaming “ABORT MISSION,” “GIVE UP!”
The Lord showed me that there is a MASSIVE convergence that is taking place in the lives of many prophets right now. They are about to see the convergence of faith and the power of God that is going to bring about the greatest shift and deliverance of their life. 2019 has brought many prophets to a level of brokenness that they have not experienced before but the Lord is bringing about the greatest demonstration of His power and deliverance in their lives NOW. This deliverance has already begun and is going to begin to manifest in exorbitant proportions leading into 2020. The Lord showed me that this deliverance and massive convergence is like engines building up and revving. The deliverance and convergence is going to get stronger and stronger as we move through December and into 2020.
2019 for many prophets has been a battle to not even ‘take ground’ but ‘maintain ground’. Many prophets have felt in the biggest areas of promise the Lord has given them there’s been a continual ‘going backwards’ and almost a force that feels like a suction that when they get one step forward, they suddenly get sucked ten steps back, so there is never any ‘ground taken’ but weariness in going ‘back and forth’. The Lord showed me that as these ‘engines of momentum, deliverance and convergence’ continue to rev up that a MONUMENTAL SLIPSTREAM of His power, healing and deliverance will be found that will ACCELERATE the prophets into these new mantles and shoes for 2020 and the whole decade.
Excerpt from Lana Vawser Ministries: To read this prophetic word in its entirety, please CLICK HERE!

New Assignments:

In this new era you are going to see and understand the destiny of God for your life like never before. You are going to be awakened so deeply to the reality and revelation that you are first called to know Him and His heart, to be His friend and then to make Him known and Him famous on the earth.
Many of you have been wondering why the battle has been so intense, why the turbulence has been worse than ever, why this transition feels different and more painful and there can be the temptation to think you have done something wrong. I want to encourage you that because of the MAGNITUDE of this new era and the MAGNITUDE of God’s plans for your life, there has been a very intense battle and purifying and purging in the transition into these new things God has for you.
You are entering into the greatest season of your life with the Lord and the new assignments that He has for you in this new era are greater than you have imagined. You are moving into a season with the Lord right now where you are going to experience His heart, know His ways and understand His Word like never before that will see you step out into areas that haven’t ever been on your radar but you will find an anointing and the power of God demonstrated in and through your life like never before!”
The fire of the enemy may have felt like it would kill you, the fire of purging and purifying of the Lord bringing refinement may have felt more intense than ever, but the Lord has prepared you through it all to CARRY what He is releasing upon you in greater ways than you have ever experienced. Out of the love of the Lord His fire has brought DEEP purging and refinement in your life so that you can carry what He is releasing, with purity, integrity and maturity. As you have continued to embrace the fire, even when no one is looking and remained faithful to Him, there is greater promotion upon your life right now and you are about to see it and it is going to be nothing but SPECTACULAR.

Make His Name Famous – Not Your Own:

In these new assignments the Lord is releasing there will be such significant favor and increase that will be released that influence will extend majorly in the lives of believers for one reason, to see the name of Jesus glorified and the Kingdom of God extended across the earth. To see the knowledge of His goodness and Glory fill the earth (Habakkuk 2:14) unlike we have ever seen and MANY come to know Him.
In this major acceleration, shaping, changing and rearranging God will do in positioning His people into new assignments in this new era, I heard His whisper “Make My name famous” and there was a loving warning I felt from His heart to make His name famous in the earth and not our own. It was a call to intimacy and growing closer to His heart so there is no room for self-promotion or manipulation or misuse of gifting to “promote” but the place of purity before Him, first ministering to HIM and His heart and then ministering to others. He whispered again:“In the place of deep intimacy with Me will be the protection of the heart against self-promotion!”
Spend your life in this new era not to “increase a platform” or “make your name known” but spend your life sowing into your secret place, your friendship with Him to make HIS name famous on the earth. In the secret place any woundings or insecurities that self-promotion flows from will be healed in the revelation of His love and revelation of identity. The Father’s love will embrace His people so beautifully in this new era. A key to stewardship of the increase, acceleration, promotion and new assignments in this new era is the place of humility and yielding before Him in the position of heart of wanting nothing more than to be His friend and know Him, to seek first His Kingdom (Matthew 6:33) and from that place, all else flows.
Excerpt from Lana Vawser Ministries: To read this prophetic word in its entirety, please CLICK HERE!
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