20/20 Vision For The New Year:

Credit: Amy Shamp

Happy New Year – 2020!  We have crossed over into a new decade, both in the natural and spiritually.  There is an interesting correlation between the prophetic symbolism of the Hebrew New Year 5780 (Rosh Hashanah) and the Gregorian calendar year 2020. I believe that there are many things that God would like to reveal to us about this new era.  Let’s take 5780: The number “80” is related to the Hebrew word “pey,” meaning mouth.” It can also by extension mean word, vocalization, or even breath.”  Also, 20/20 in our society symbolizes “perfect vision.

Psalms 33:6:

“By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, and all their host by the breath of His mouth” 

I believe if we marry these two prophetic symbols, we understand that God is highlighting our ability to see and hear spiritually in this new season and even this decade.

In the Old Testament, prophets were described as “seers,” those who saw the will and edicts of God through spiritual eyesight (1 Sam 9:9). Not only did they “see,” but they then spoke forth the words of God.

Something I often say is that as seer prophets, we first “see” and then we “decree.” When we pair the power of vision and the power of the decree, there is a major shift that happens. This creates an explosive spiritual reaction; creative power is released through the mouth of the Prophet! The decrees of a prophetic generation are able to create powerful shifts in culture!  One properly discerned vision from God which is decreed by the prophet can shift government; it can shift an entire people group or nation!

In this hour, God is training, equipping, and mantling a prophetic company of seer prophets who will have striking accuracy in the realm of the spirit.  These prophets will be considered “20/20 prophets,” or “forensic prophets,” those with “perfect vision” in the spirit.

This is a plan that will not only unfold over the course of this year, but throughout this decade. This will be a decade of strong prophetic flow, accuracy, symbolism, and vision.

God is calling us to attune our ears to what the spirit of the Lord is saying. If we sharpen our spiritual eyesight and heighten our spiritual sensitivity, there will be a revealing of the secrets and plans of God like never before. Get ready for a fresh flow of prophetic utterance to burst forth!

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