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New Year 2020 begins an era of clarity and 2020 vision spiritual vision.  In this season, it is very important that we watch the words that we speak.  Our words must align with God’s destiny and vision for us.  Our words carry weight, for good or for evil.  The ministering angels that God has assigned to us are waiting for our commands to bring forth the manifestation of what God has promised us.  In like manner we also give the destructive forces of the kingdom of darkness permission to access our lives by the words that we speak.  New Year 2020 is an era of declaration and decree.  It is important in this season to speak in agreement with God’s word.  — Kenyette Mills”

Psalms 141:3:

Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.”

When we are abiding in God—obeying His Word, seeking Him with all our hearts, loving Him and others—we have the right to utilize the ministry of angels God has provided. It’s part of our salvation package! He provided these powerful beings to aid us on the earth, to bless us, and to minister to us.

If you haven’t been tapping into this powerful, supernatural resource, begin today with these five ways to put your angels to work.”

Speak God’s Word:

Prophecy is angelic networking and angels give authority over a prophecy being given. A word of prophecy is often given with the aide of angelic assistance and information. Angels work within a word of prophecy and wait for a command over every word. — Prophet Edd Branson”

Worship Experience:

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