Sometimes We Just Have To Let Things Go! (Part 2)


Credit: Lysa TerKerust

Sometimes We Just Have To Let Things Go! (Part 2)

Sometimes when we’re walking through the process of forgiveness, we aren’t sure if we need to set boundaries or even how to set those boundaries.

If that’s you, sweet friend, I would love to offer you some hard won wisdom and encouragement…   Don’t try to figure this all out on your own. Ask the Lord for guidance. Find a trusted Christian counselor. Speak to people who are godly and wise. And know that sometimes, you may have to let people you love have their journey on one side of the street and have yours on the other side of the street for a while.”

Forgiveness is a must, but it’s okay to take some time to rebuild trust.

And if you find yourself in that incredibly painful place where reconciliation doesn’t seem possible? Let redemption with God be your goal. Redemption is the indescribable gift of our God who breathes life into the shattered soul and creates something new and more beautiful than ever before.

The disappointments that exhaust and frustrate us hold the potential for so much good. God will FILL every empty thing we give Him.  Our feelings of disappointment should point us to SOMEONE GREATER – YESHUA!  This story we have with God is an epic love story.  We will never appreciate or even desire the hope of our One True Love if these lesser things in life didn’t disappoint.


The piercing angst of disappointment in everything on this side of eternity creates a discontent with this world and pushes us to long for God Himself—and for the place where we will finally walk in the garden with Him again. Where we will finally have peace and security and eyes that no longer leak tears . . . and hearts that are no longer broken.”

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