Credit: Lana Vawser

Recently I heard the Lord say, “Watch for an unusual move of My Spirit in new areas and realms for many in the next four weeks that will release unprecedented acceleration that will change the pace and set up new things for the rest of the year.”
There are opportunities, assignments, doors, invitations, and new realms that the Lord is going to invite you into over the next month that is going to seem “unusual” or leave you feeling completely out of your depth, but guess what? In those unusual places, you are going to experience an unusual move of God, meaning, completely different to what you have ever experienced before. So new, so weighty, so heavy! His Glory is going to rest heavily.
The Lord showed me that fear and intimidation will cause many to shy away from these opportunities, assignments, invitations and new realms that God is going to open up, don’t partner with the intimidation. Partner with the Lord in obedience, because in your obedience to step into those places, you are going to be overwhelmed and overcome by the TANGIBLE presence and power of God.
There is MAJOR upgrade, MAJOR increase, MAJOR acceleration and promotion that is going to take place over the next 4 weeks. The Lord is looking for those who are stewarding with integrity, purity and humility. The sense surrounded me of a MAJOR increase and REWARD being released to the FAITHFUL right now. There is a MAJOR extension and increase upon those who have stewarded the talents given to them, well. (Matthew 25:14-30)”
This unusual move of the Spirit of God through these doors, invitations, opportunities and new realms, is going to usher you into new levels in the Spirit. You will step into a new realm of your anointing, a new level in the office God has you operating in, a new realm of your destiny that in all these ways will see you take your place in the earth like never before. I heard the voice of God thundering “It’s time to take your place.”
Many of you have faced the most ferocious battles and intense warfare recently and even entering into 2020, but that’s because of what’s about to take place over the next four weeks.
Things will rapidly shift, change, and accelerate as you step into these new areas as God calls you to and brings fresh alignments. These new alignments and areas are going to bring such life, such joy and such incredible manifestations of His power and Spirit in and through your life, that your entire paradigm of how you have operated with the Lord before in ministry – the area of influence God has given you – will rapidly and radically shift. You’re going up higher in many ways! You are growing up into maturity in Him, in your authority, in revelation, in increase and promotion.
I heard the Lord say “Do not shut down the unusual move of My Spirit in these new areas because it is new to you.”
Do not allow lack of understanding or earthly/wisdom of man (wisdom contrary to God’s wisdom), insecurity or fear shut down the move of the Spirit of God. When you step into these places you will receive powerful revelatory downloads, wisdom and revelation that will come upon you to operate freely and easily with the Spirit of God in these new areas and realms, and with great joy knowing you have received a supernatural impartation to navigate these new realms and areas God is calling you into.
There will even be supernatural downloads of ‘language’ of how to communicate the revelation, strategy, ideas, answers and wisdom of God in these areas in a way that people of great influence in the way will understand and open their hearts to God in greater ways.


There is a new move of the Spirit of God upon you and it’s beginning to burst forth. This is why there has been pressure on every side, but get ready faithful ones, over the next four weeks for your territory to MAJORLY be expanded and new realms of influence added to your realm of jurisdiction.
Don’t ignore the whispers of the Holy Spirit, follow them, obey them, don’t be fearful to step out on them, because as you follow them in obedience you will see MAJOR demonstrations of His power.
What happens over the next four weeks is going to change the pace of your year and set up things you never expected or dreamed for this year. What God opens up and sets up in the next four weeks is going to show you how much BIGGER He has dreamed and decreed your 2020 will be. (Ephesians 3:20).”

Get ready to RUN!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I seal in this prophetic word and call it into activation for your people. Father, please bind and rebuke the enemy that he may not steal, kill or destroy any part of this word in your children’s lives, in Yeshua’s name. Amen.