Credit: Kathy DeGraw

Decade 2020: The Lord Says, ‘Now Is the Time to Launch!’

I was in worship recently when the Lord started speaking to me about purpose and destiny. It was a strong word He was releasing, a word of correction and activation.

He spoke to me about how people aren’t walking in their purpose. They are sitting around waiting for it to happen instead of doing something about their situation.

The Lord has a purpose and a destiny for everyone. However, some of us are waiting for this to happen or that to happen before we launch that destiny. We are waiting for God to do the supernatural when we aren’t doing anything in the natural.

Our purpose and prophetic words go forth when we do something about them. We cannot sit idly by and not co-labor with the very Spirit of God for His plans and will for our lives. We need to get up and get active.

The Lord continued to speak to me and said, “Some of you are allowing others to intimidate you into not moving forward with what God has for you.” He revealed to me that although people aren’t purposely speaking words to you to intimidate you, you aren’t moving forward because of excuses. You feel as though you have responsibility to situations and people that the Lord has already released you from, but the thoughts of what will the people in your sphere of influence think or family matters and relationships are holding you back from being who God wants you to be.”

You know you have a destiny, but you believe it is far off. When this happens, or that happens, then you can do it. But God says, “Now is the time to launch. Now is the time to move forward in your purpose for My kingdom.”

God says, “No more excuses or justifications. I have plans and purposes for you to accomplish, and I can’t have them delayed any longer. I have called you. It is time for you to answer the call. Activate your faith, stop your excuses and release what I have designed for your life. You have people assigned to you for you to reach. You have a destiny, purpose and plan. Activate your faith and release it.”

We all have a purpose and plan for the kingdom of God. I know from my personal experience if I would have waited until this happened or that happened, I wouldn’t be where I am now. In fact, I am still waiting for some of the “this and thats” to happen, but meanwhile, I need to move up and forward in the things of God and His plans, purposes and will for my life. If I wait for Him to launch everything, I would still be waiting.

Get active in your faith. Don’t sit idly by wishing you were walking in your destiny and being jealous of those who do. Co-labor with the very Spirit of God, ask Him for strategic plans and then implement what the Spirit of the Lord speaks to you. You can do it. The question is, will you do it? I am personally discipling people to launch their destiny in 2020. Visit kathydegrawministries.org and find the Launch 2020 program.”

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I seal in this prophetic word and call it into activation for your people. Father, please bind and rebuke the enemy that he may not steal, kill or destroy any part of this word in your children’s lives, in Yeshua’s name. Amen.

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