Transitions: The Power of Moving Forward:

A transition can be an extremely difficult and challenging time.  However, pivotal transitions serve a DIVINE PURPOSE in our lives. If we desire to GROW and DEVELOP we must embrace seasons of CHANGE that move us FORWARD in God.

Often our surroundings tend to break-down right before a breakthrough, leaving us feeling uncomfortable with our circumstances. Howbeit, if we never felt uncomfortable, we would never have the desire to move forward… to do better… to experience new frontiers… and reach higher than we reached before.

Seasons Change:

Seasons change, people change, circumstances change. Everything changes. God is the only constant in our lives. Often uncomfortable situations play a significant part of a much bigger plan that usually becomes clear as we let go of what we are holding on to. Most of us would never move forward unless uncomfortable situations forced us to embrace change. Once we let go, in due time, we eventually understand why things happened the way they happened.”

Seasons of transition often leave us feeling a bit “disoriented.” This is why I spend seasons of transition lingering in God’s presence, so that Abba can keep me “anchored” and “grounded” while He rearranges the important details in my life.

During seasons of transition life often feels as though it is dismantling and falling apart.  However, God is moving. So, it is important that we not cling to anything but God. We must trust that sometimes some things need to crumble, so that what is meant for us can breakthrough.

During seasons of transition it is important that we pay close attention to the people we choose to surround ourselves with. More importantly we must be prayerful, alert, and on guard against emotions that trigger chaos and confusion.

During seasons of transition we must have faith that everything is happening exactly as God has ordained. God decides what and who needs to go and what and who needs to stay.

Transition signifies “movement.” However, it’s not you who holds the reins, it’s God moving you forward. Seasons of transition can be powerful portals that often prepare us for a DIVINE SHIFT into DESTINY.

Seasons of transition afford us the opportunity to BE STILL, ATTENTIVE TO GOD, and CONTEMPLATIVE. If we are willing to learn the lessons a season of transition provides, we will arrive at our destination SHARPER and more emotionally, mentally and spiritually aligned.

Sometimes We Just Have To Just Let Things Go:

Beloveds, God values you. God sees you as the PRECIOUS GEM that you are. Your life is too valuable to leave you stuck in toxic situations with people who will mishandle you. God will PROTECT His investment in your life. So, take a deep breath and gently detach from anyone or anything that doesn’t value you, respect you, or have your best interest at heart.”

  • I’m unavailable for what is draining….
  • I’m unavailable to what’s not for me…
  • I’m unavailable to what’s toxic…
  • I’m unavailable to negativity…
  • I’m unavailable to dead cycles…
  • I’m unavailable to what doesn’t sit well…
  • I’m unavailable to what doesn’t value me…
  • I’m unavailable to unchanged behavior…

Beloveds, I learned the hard way to distance myself from anything that feels too heavy or too toxic. I can no longer endure energies that force me to sacrifice my authenticity and uniqueness.  167619-sometimes-we-just-have-to-let-go-13028847047982684089.jpg

Seasons of transition often afford us the opportunity to SLOW DOWN. Step out of Chronos and into Karios. God isn’t in a rush. God is the REDEEMER OF TIME.

Seasons of transition can spark feelings of uncertainty, fear, and panic. However, we must not overthink, overanalyze, and worry, about future events that haven’t occurred yet. God is in CONTROL. Put your confidence in God.

Allow your season of transition to prepare you for GREATNESS. Retreat for a while. Rest! Relax! Reflect! Recuperate! Release! Recharge! Reboot! Reload! Repair!  Relaunch! Recalibrate!  Reconnect!  Review & Rekindle your connection to God.”

Transitions afford us the opportunity to take a STEP-BACK, RELEASE, and SURRENDER. Transition is a period of detoxing and off-loading everything that is limiting us from walking in our fullest potential.  God is taking us HIGHER! He is teaching us to loosen our grip and to be open to receiving more of Him and more from Him.

Beloveds, transitions are much needed experiences in our lives. God created us to move from GLORY to GLORY.  At times, we must take a PAUSE and a DEEP BREATH, so that God can BREATHE NEW LIFE into us.  At times, God will carry-out necessary ROUTINE MAINTENANCE in our lives so that we are nurtured, healthy, and nourished, for the next phase of our journey.  

Beloveds, a season of transition means that God is taking us SOMEWHERE. However, let us not merely focus on the journey outwardly, let us focus our journey inwardly, so that we can heal and avoid repeating the same mistakes, attracting the same kind of people and circumstances wondering why life feels like the movie Groundhog’s Day.”

Beloveds, it is our choice: we can choose to expand, grow, and dramatically move our lives forward, or we can remain STUCK going NOWHERE just because it is familiar to us.  So beloveds, choose to positively embrace your seasons of transition and change. If we are restless and in overdrive, everything around us will feel as though it is in overdrive. If we are harmonious, everything around us will absorb and return our peaceful harmonious flow.

Beloveds, trust God’s plan in the process. He is the author and finisher of your story. Allow God to breath new life into you, refresh you, re-define you, and give you new purpose for your journey.  God’s not finish with you beloved.  Embrace the NEW THINGS that God wants to do in your life.  

Philippians 1:6:

“Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

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