Credit: Apostle Axel Sippach

Apostles Arise: Walking In An Authentic Apostolic Flow:

Here me Apostolic people, it’s time for transformation and authenticity! It’s not just enough to change your title, read a few books, get a few apostolic buzz words, and then pepper your sermons with that to make people think you’re relevant and current.

No – that’s not enough. You’ve got to change. There’s got to be change on the inside of you. There’s got to be an internal reformation inside of you before you can affect an external reformation in the church. It’s got to flow out of you.

The apostolic must flow out of the life of one who has been and is being transformed. Then its authentic. Otherwise it just religious. A deceiver Jacob must become a prince, Israel. A Pharisee Saul must become an Apostle Paul. Like the old gospel song says: “The Holy Ghost on the inside, working on the outside, oh what a change in my life.”

Not only is Jacob’s name going to be changed – but his nature is going to be changed. Not only is Saul’s name going to be changed. But on the inside of Saul, is a Paul – an Apostle ready to emerge.

Being the most religious Jew won’t cut it. Having perhaps the equivalent of 2 PhD’s won’t cut it. No – its off to the backside of the desert of Arabia for you Saul so your pride can be dealt with in the isolation – so the “true you” can emerge and become the apostle and man of revelation God has ordained for you to be.

Apostles – your apostolic authenticity is tied to allowing God to deal with you in the cave – in the desert – in the place of isolation – in the place of brokenness, where you’re religious pride is dealt with and you come to a place of humility where you can truly access the grace you need to be a true apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Your ordination, commissioning, consecration, elevation – whatever you want to call it, is not going to do that for you. In fact, it will just reinforce what is still in you. If pride is still there – it will just reinforce religious pride. But if you have been broken and humility is at work in your heart, then a true apostolic nature can come forth powerfully.”

Religious Pride Stinks:

People don’t care about what you accomplish in the flesh! Not only is God tired of it, but the people are getting tired of it – especially young people. They see right through it. They are street smart. They don’t need an activation of the gift of discernment to figure it. Some stuff just “stinks.”

If you believe God has placed an Apostolic Mantle on your life, then please allow Him to work a nature change inside of you – not just a name or title change. Let it flow from a place of internal reformation – a place of transformation – a place of humility – a place of compassion.”

I know none of us are perfect examples – only Jesus is the the example of the Perfect Apostle. But may we press on toward a greater “real deal” authenticity in our leadership – apostleship – our apostolic calling and ministry more than ever before for the sake of God’s Kingdom, and for the sake of the next generation.

The Holy Ghost On The Inside: Working On The Outside:

“The Holy Ghost on the inside – working on the outside.” I loved that old gospel testimony song. And there’s an incredible truth there. Let me ask you a question leaders. How much of the riches of what Christ has inside of you has never flowed out of you because you resisted the process of the outer shell breaking so that life – those true riches could come forth? Perhaps you’re not even walking in 10% of what God has on the inside of you. Perhaps the flesh got to get out the way for it come forth.

Apostles – its time to arise to a new place of humility and authenticity and access so much more of the riches of His grace available to us. Apostleship is a serious calling. We cannot play with it. We cannot play religious games with it and expect to see much in the way of results.

Its not just about a name or title change – its about a nature change that goes with it. It flows from deep inside and affects how we think, speak, act, etc etc. May the Lord do a work in all those called to leadership and in particular the apostolic ministry in this season

In prayer, we ask the Father, to foster an incredible apostolic awakening in the ekklesia – the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

May we see His glory in the church as never before, so that it powerfully affects and influences the next generation to become followers of Jesus. AMEN!

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