Everything in life has to do with being connected to someone or something. In fact, what we’ve connected ourselves to will often determine our success or failure. Thus, whoever or whatever we’re connected to is either advancing or delaying progress. What is even more interesting is that we’re fully aware of whether that connection is advancing or delaying us from fulfilling God’s purposes in our lives.

I’ve learned the hard way to surround myself with people that will lift me higher.”

I’m a very supportive friend. I’m a huge fan and cheerleader for others. I like to see others do well. I hope that those in whom I’m connected to would appreciate me enough to cheer for me too. Yet, this is not always the case.

So Beloveds, whomever is consistently challenging everything God is doing in your life, everything that you stand for, everything that you believe in, everything that you like, always speaking negatively about your dreams, desires, and aspirations. They are always right, you are always wrong, they must have the last say, your ideas are pushed to the side, and finally, such people just believe they are straight-up better than you…. Well, there is no other way I can put this than to say: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE… IF YOU DESIRE SUCCESS, JOY, PEACE, HAPPINESS, & PROGRESS!

I don’t care how anointed, beautiful, handsome, smart, elegant, educated, or spiritual they are or appear to be. The truth is, at best, these folks are the future seeds of sorrow, pain, grief, and disappointment. You will spend years supporting their dreams and celebrating their successes while your life comes to a PERMANENT HALT!

These kind of connections like the fact that you are comfortable with going NOWHERE and will use you as the vehicle to help them reach their goals.

Beloveds, it’s time to wake up! You must become tired of watching everyone grow around you. Surround yourself with those who appreciate your value and worth.

Sometimes God has to cut down the weeds in your life, so you can see the SNAKES. I am praying that God REMOVE ALL the negative toxic people in your life. ALL those that have and are pulling you away from your DESTINY be removed NOW in Jesus Name. They are LEAVING YOUR LIFE, never to return!

You have invested and poured into everyone else, now it’s time to invest in yourself. CELEBRATE yourself. Become the champion that God created you to be. Surround yourself with people who will lift you higher!

Excerpts from KevinlaEwing.blogspot.com