Doxology: Behold I Do A New Thing!

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Be so busy in this season growing, changing, finding your rythem… that people will have to get to know you again because you evolved so much.”

A Doxology is a closing hymn of praise (i.e a hymn of separation). For example, in Matthew 6:13, Jesus ended the Lord’s Prayer with a Doxology. “For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Many of us are having to recite a doxology… a hymn of separation… a hymn of praise… over things that God has asked us to walk away from.

Decade 2020 came in roaring… Many of us have experienced critical changes during the first two months of this new decade. This is because God is doing SOMETHING NEW in our lives! Beloveds, we can’t spend the next 10 years like we spent the last 10 years. God is positioning us for GREATNESS!

For many of us, as we entered into this new decade many things that has served its purpose in our lives began to fall away. Many of us experienced loss, letting go, and even separation anxiety as things that we cherished began to collapse, people we cherished left us, ideals we held dear suddenly dissolved, and connections were broken. If this is you beloved, God says, BE STILL! I am doing SOMETHING NEW!

When God is doing something new, life often feels as if it is falling apart. However, sometimes things must crumble so that God can make way for something new. God should never have to wrestle things out of our hands before we are willing to let things go. It is important not to cling to anything but God. We must trust that if God calls us to walk away from something, He must have SOMETHING BETTER.

Prophetic Insight: There are times in pursuing our prophetic destiny that it is very important to be in the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT TIME, with the RIGHT PEOPLE, doing the RIGHT THING. In (1 Kings 17:1-16) Elijah after doing the right thing had to obey the prophetic voice to go at certain times, to certain places, where he would meet a certain person in order to see miracles that would provide for him and others. – Axel Sippach

Recently, as God began to re-position my husband and me in life and ministry. We had a pivotal moment, in which we knew that moving forward in our calling was the only option. So, we raised our coffee cups and I said: “Cheers! Here’s To Something New!

During worship service, the song “Doxology” played as worshipers entered into the presence of God. As psalmist Chandler Moore began to prophesy saying: “God is pouring out something new…” I became completely lost in worship. No matter what I had to leave behind… No matter what I had to let go of… No matter who left… No matter what they said… No matter how things fell apart… No matter the disappointment… God is pouring out SOMETHING NEW… In worship I RELEASED my past experiences… I put a praise on it…. sang a hymn of separation and MOVED ON.”

Beloveds, the LORD says, “Do not wrestle with Me. Let go of what you are struggling to hold on to, so that I can re-position you and give you BETTER. So much BETTER. Allow me to make it up to you says the LORD. Allow me to dry your tears. Trust me. What’s ahead of you is even better than what you left behind. Your season of frustration has ended. You are about to experience a level of FAVOR like never before.”

So go ahead beloveds and pronounce a benediction over it…

Sing a song of praise over it…

Put a praise on it…

Release it and let it go…

For now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we could ask of think… To the only wise God be thee honor, glory, dominion and power forever and ever – AMEN!

Beloveds, allow these words to be your doxology…. Your final hymn of praise as you MOVE ON TO SOMETHING NEW!

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