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Credit: Kevin L A Ewing

Dream School: Understanding The Spiritual Realm:

In all my years of ministry, I can surely say that ignorance by far of the spirit realm is the most disabling agent of spiritual warfare for most Christians.

On the other hand, God has outfitted everyone with the free gift of dreaming. While we may not recall our dreams or understand our dreams. The reality is our dreams provide us with the spiritual intelligence of what is being concocted in the spirit world either against us or for us. A perfect example of this would be found in the story of Joseph, the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ! In Matthew 2:13, the scripture stated that an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream warning him to take the child (baby Jesus) and flee to Egypt and to remain there until further advised. Now, most folks would have shrugged this off as just a dream giving no real significance to it. Nevertheless, Joseph’s dream which was spiritual revealed to him pending events that would not be favorable for his family and that he should leave his current residence at one and travel into Egypt.

With the above understanding in mind. What could your dreams be revealing to you that you dismissed simply because you lack the understanding of what is being revealed to you?”

Have you experienced eating in dreams, seeing deceased relatives in dreams, return to your childhood home or school in dreams, see animals in dreams, have sex in dreams, experience sleep paralysis in your sleep. These are only a few examples of significant spiritual darkness attempting to manipulate your waking circumstances. Your dream life is giving you the spiritual intelligence of what is occurring in the spiritual realm to manipulate your destiny. Please utilize these free resources that has been provided to you, so that you can overcome every work of darkness operating against your life.

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