Luke 17:20-21:

Once, on being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed,  nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst.”

In the 16th century, when Martin Luther protested against the Roman Catholic Church’s abuse which sparked the Protestant Reformation, leaders may have guessed that there would be a few major expressions of worship in the Body of Christ. I bet, never in their wildest dreams did the reformers envision all the denominations and various branches and networks of Christianity that have evolved since then.

The Kingdom of God is Here:  Beloveds, for way too long, we have promoted our TRADITIONS, our ETHNICITY, our CULTURE, and our DOCTRINES above God’s KINGDOM!   We are not Baptist, Pentecostal, or Methodist.  In the Kingdom of God there is no distinction between Jewish or Gentile.  Every label that has divided God’s people has been washed away in the Blood of Jesus.  We are ONE in Messiah!  We are KINGDOM citizens!   We are children of the KING!  Get ready for a monumental move of God! Please enjoy this timely teaching from Joseph Materra:”


The Kingdom Age: What Will The Church Look Like In The Kingdom Age?

“Jesus and the apostles preached the Kingdom of God. As we examine the gospels and the book of Acts, the main theme of the ministry of Jesus and His disciples was the KINGDOM of God—not the church, not tradition, and not religion.

The church is the main agent of the kingdom to represent God and manifest His government in the earth realm. In spite of this fact, many churches and denominations have historically bypassed Scripture and created traditions that are nowhere close to the way of Jesus and the apostles taught.  I believe the time is presently at hand in which God is shaking the global church and establishing kingdom principles.

God is ripping away extraneous traditions that are opposed to His kingdom—irrespective of denominational affiliation. It is important for believers to understand the difference between characteristics of the kingdom and religion. The world will only be transformed through His kingdom.

The Following Are Some Contrasts Between The Kingdom Age & Religious Systems:

1. In the Kingdom, the focus is on manifesting God in the earth.  In religion, the focus is on applying their traditions inside church buildings: Just the term kingdom implies both a king and His domain. (Psalm 24:1) teaches us that the earth belongs to the Lord and (Psalm 22:28) says that His kingdom rules over all nations—not just over the church. Consequently, we in His kingdom (Col. 1:12,13) are called to manifest His rule in the whole earth—not just the church.

2. In the Kingdom, all believers are released to the work of the ministry. In religion, merely professional clergy are released to minister: In the kingdom, all believers are both kings and priests (Rom. 5:17; 1 Pet. 2:9).  In religion, only those trained in seminary and make a living in church ministry are called priests.

3. In the Kingdom, the Spirit is poured out upon all flesh, and ministers through Spirit-filled believers.  In religion, only certain individuals are recognized as those in whom the Holy Spirit works through:  The apostle Peter made it clear in (Acts 2:17) that the resurrection inaugurated the kingdom age in which the Holy Spirit was poured out upon every culture, tribe, kindred, tongue, and nation.  In spite of this, many in the Body of Christ still believe the Holy Spirit only shows up within the four walls of a building and on certain individuals..

4. In the Kingdom, the Scriptures have primary ecclesiastical authority.  In religion, religious tradition has primary ecclesial authority: This is an issue not only for the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church. Many evangelical Protestant denominations also have their own traditions that have primary authority regarding Christian practice. 

5. In the Kingdom, the five-fold minister equips the saints to do the work of the ministry.  In religion, the five-fold minister does the work of the ministry:  In the kingdom, five-fold ministry gifts are focused not on doing the work of the ministry but equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12). However, traditional religious systems keep the people dependent upon professional clergy to pray for the sick, counsel, preach, and represent God to the world.  

7. In the Kingdom, the burden is for the whole Body of Christ.  In religion, the burden is for their own culture, denomination, and local church: Any person or leader with a kingdom agenda will have a concern for the health of the whole body of Christ—irrespective of culture and denomination. Those with a religious mindset are sectarian and only care about the health of their own culture, denomination, and or church.

8. In the Kingdom the focus is on transforming the earth.  In religion, the focus is on perpetuating its traditions in the church: Every person in a kingdom-focused church should understand that the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19) involves teaching whole nations—not just individuals. However, in religious systems preserving cultural and religious traditions take a precedence  over God’s Kingdom culture.  Religious systems fear losing their cultural identity and becoming integrated in God’s Kingdom culture.  

9. The Kingdom is built on relationships.  Religion is hierarchical:  The Kingdom of God is built upon relationships – not church ministry. Conversely, religious systems are primarily hierarchical and built upon titles and positions. This causes much political unrest and competition within the denomination because esteem is conferred upon individuals based upon how high one is stationed on the titular totem pole.

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The Kingdom of God Is Here!

A New Era Moving From The Church Age To The Kingdom Age!


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