Divine Strategies for New Year 2020: Stealth & Stillness

Greetings Beloveds,

I believe that we are going to experience God’s glory in new dimensions in this era. I believe that it will require much stealth and stillness in order for us to reach the fullness of what God has ordained for us. Lets take a look at divine strategies that will help us walk in stealth and stillness in this new season.

Stealth is the ability to maneuver without being seen or heard. As Believers, 99.9% of our troubles are preventable – pray more and talk less. Luke 2:19 tells us, that Mary hid in her heart all the things that Gabriel had spoken. Wisdom calls for much discretion. Avoid always speaking your mind. Avoid wearing your emotions and your heart on your sleeve. Avoid being predictable. Yeshua was a mystery to the Pharisees. Learn to be a mystery…. Your life is not an open book.”

The Danger of Believing that Everyone Is Like You:

Yeshua exercised much stealth in His ministry with the twelve disciples. Yeshua knew what was in the heart of each of the men that He had chosen. Judas and Peter played a significant role in Yeshua’s ministry. From the beginning, Yeshua knew that Judas would be the one who would betray Him. Also, Yeshua knew that Peter would deny him – not once – but three times.

It is a very dangerous thing to believe that everyone is like you…. Not everyone is as nice as you are. That may be a difficult notion for some to digest, but in order to successfully maneuver in this world; we must know how to think like the people around us so that there will be very little that catches us off guard.

Yeshua operated in much stealth in His ministry. The Bible tells us that Judas held the treasury bag for Yeshua’s ministry (John 13:29). Yeshua always knew that Judas would betray Him – but Yeshua didn’t call Judas on the carpet before time, because Judas had a purpose. Yeshua had to go to Calvary and He knew that Judas’ weakness for money would put Him there. Likewise, it is often our Judas’ encounters that push us to our next level. We never have to worry about being vindicated because our Judas experiences. Judas took care of Judas! The pit that others dig often becomes their own pit of destruction.

Listen up…. Haters hate upwards. There are people who just do not like you. They do not rejoice in your good fortune. They hate to see you coming. They talk bad about you when you leave. They do not care about your fine car, your beautiful home, your promotion, your ministry, your great marriage, or your wonderful children. So, stop telling all your business – and posting your blessed life on Facebook, because there are people who are waiting for you to fail.

Enjoy your blessed life but exercise some stealthsome stillness.some secrecysome discretion. For unto all a little rain must fall… and when your rainy season comes… you better believe that there are others REJOICING as they hand you a tissue while you shed your tears.”

The Vetting Process:

We often become entangled in avoidable situations that are spiritually, emotionally, and physically damaging because we do not vet our relationships. We do not exercise discernment or wisdom; neither do we listen to the cautions that the Holy Spirit signals or pay attention to the red flags.

We vet our friendships by simply allowing our friendships time to grow and develop – pray for one another – enjoy one another’s company – but allow the Holy Spirit time to speak to your heart regarding the weaknesses and strengths of those around you – and allow the Holy Spirit to direct you on who fits where in your life.

When a person shows you who they are, believe them – handle them with much grace – and keep moving on. Do not be mean or call people out – just walk in greater grace with them – love them from a distance – because God is at work in us all. That should always be our prayer. However, allow God to show you a person’s heart before you move that person to the “BFF” category so quickly.”

Learn How To Fly Solo:

A good stealth pilot knows how to fly solo. Friends are truly a gift from God. However, too much traffic in/out your life will open you up to warfare that God never intended. So be content, and remember, Yeshua had the multitudes, the seventy, the twelve, and finally at Calvary, only John stood by His side. We should be neither grieved nor surprised when others leave or disappoint – but rather rejoice for that one friend who remained…. Especially when that “One” is Yeshua!