Credit: Joe-Joe Dawson

As I was praying recently, the Lord spoke to me and said, “I want to take people from breakthrough to breathtaking.

If you could understand what God is trying to do and what the end result will look like, you would keep going. If you could truly see even just a glimpse of what God has in store for you, you would not give up.

When your breakthrough happens, God does not want to just leave you there. God wants to take you from your breakthrough and into something truly breathtaking. When the favor of God rests upon you, it will be breathtaking what God will do in and through your life.”

The Good Fight of Faith:


I believe this is a season where many people are in a time of laboring. Many feel like this season of hard work and crying out to God will never end. But I want to encourage you, breakthrough is going to come to you. It is inevitable. However, as you wait, you must remember that you are not laboring in vain. Those that do not give up will reap a breathtaking harvest. As you endure through the hard seasons, you will receive breakthrough and move into the breathtaking purpose God has for you.

Opposition will come to oppose your breakthrough but you must stay in the fight. Do not back up or give in. Don’t give the enemy even an inch. Remember you are fighting for the breakthrough and the breathtaking. God will fight for you as long as you do not give up.

There is a reason that the Apostle Paul called “the good fight of faith.” (2 Timothy 2:14). When you have a prophetic word or promise from God, you have a powerful weapon to fight the enemy.

If God says you can have something, you can have it. Fight for your breakthrough. In this season, when your breakthrough comes it will not be like a small trickle of water. It will be like a dam busting open!

Change your mental picture! Miracles start in the mind and manifest when you believe you are worthy of receiving them. Some cannot step into a breakthrough because of a limited mindset. Our mindsets are shifted when we enlarge our faith and believe what God has promised us. Then breakthrough is released. As the breakthrough is released, our faith grows, our endurance is strengthened and we are able to step into the breathtaking things of the Lord. Expect your breakthrough! Expect for the breathtaking to follow the breakthrough.

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