I heard the Lord say:
The positioning for the decade is increasing rapidly!”
This week the Lord showed me that many in the Body of Messiah have faced some intense intimidation coming into 2020. There is some demonic intimidation that is attempting to ‘cloud’ what God is doing right now and what is upon you. The Lord showed me that this intimidation is just an illusion.
The Lord highlighted to me that an illusion is something that you SEE. It’s a mirage! It is something that LOOKS real but it’s not. God spoke to me that this intimidation is after FOCUS and VISION. It is attempting to hinder what you see because there is a huge portal of revelation that is open right now by the hand of the Lord to receive divine wisdom and revelation for this new era.
When the Lord showed me this illusion of intimidation He showed me that the positioning for the decade is RAPIDLY INCREASING.
The Lord showed me in the second half of 2019 that He was preparing His people not only for 2020 but for the DECADE. He kept speaking over and over about the preparation for the NEXT TEN YEARS.
There is mighty acceleration upon you right now in the preparation by the hand of God in your positioning for 2020 and this next decade. The positioning and what is needed for you to walk in all He has for you in the next decade is increasing significantly right now. The revelation is increasing. The purging is increasing. The strengthening, healing, deliverance, and vision is increasing for the next decade and the illusion of intimidation is attempting to distract you!”
As we live in the position of worship before the Lord, worshiping Him, living deep in the Word, the Lord is releasing the strategies and keys that we will NEED for this decade in SIGNIFICANT INCREASE. The enemy is trying to steal the vision and the revelation now through intimidation to bring delay and hinder what God is establishing for this next decade. So DO NOT BOW TO IT! Don’t give it your focus! Focus on Yeshua!
As you stay VIGILANT in your FOCUS you will not miss it. This hour requires FEROCIOUS FOCUS!

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