Hebrew Year 5779 – The Journey Begins

Day One

Greetings Beloveds,

This is a season to go deeper in the things of God!  This season of prayer will bring the FRESH WIND of the Holy Spirit.  God is making us RIPE for REVIVAL.  We are building our spiritual endurance.  Every Goliath in our lives must fall!    However, in order to experience REVIVAL, we first must lay the groundwork in REPENTANCE and in PRAYER. Repentance is often the catalyst for REVIVAL.

At the conclusion of every year, I facilitate what is known as “40 Days of Prayer.”  I do this to start the year STRONG with PURPOSE and POWER!  I am delighted that you will take this journey into the New Year with me.   I love and appreciate each of you!

I believe that year  5779 will bring – Revival — New Levels — Advancement — Divine Alignment. The season that we will spend in prayer will help us get in position and prepare for the glory of God to be revealed.  This is a season to go deeper in the things of God!  This season of prayer will bring the FRESH WIND of the Holy Spirit.  God is making us RIPE for REVIVAL.  We are building our spiritual endurance.  

Repentance Brings Revival

During the first seven days of our 40 Days of Prayer, we will focus on REPENTANCE.  Repentance is often the catalyst for REVIVAL. 

One of the greatest revivals ever recorded is found in the Bible.  Turn with me to (Jonah Chapter Three).  The city of Nineveh was about to face God’s judgement.  The Bible says that Nineveh was a great city – a large city.  Possibly, equivalent to New York City – Baltimore – San Francisco today. 

God in His MERCY sent His servant Jonah to Nineveh to preach the message “repent or perish.”   The Bible says that all of Nineveh REPENTED – now that’s REVIVAL!  

Can we imagine an entire city turning to God?  It can happen!  God is the CHAIN BREAKER.  God can BREAK EVERY CHAIN of bondage to sin!  God can break every habit and addiction! God can establish a NEW PRECEDENT.  God can set the affairs of life in RIGHT ORDER.  

Let’s Pray:

Father I thank You for my friends. We are joining together to abide in Your presence these next 40 Days.  We are preparing our bodies, our minds, and our Spirits to receive Your direction and instructions for 5779. 

Father, we thank You for your MERCY.  We are still here (because) You are willing to work with us one more year.  Father, we repent of our sins.   Father, please have mercy on us and forgive us.  Lord, please create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit in us. 

Father, You are the CHAIN BREAKER.  Break every chain of bondage that keeps us from being the people of God that You would have us to be.  Father, we shall not enter 2019 carrying the weight of sin.  Change us.  Make us like You.  Remove those things about us that displeases You.  We lay ourselves at Your feet.  Make us what You want us to be.  Thank You for FREEDOM today!   In Yeshua’s (Jesus’) name – Amen.

Scripture Meditations:

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2 Chronicles 7:14

Proverbs 28:13

Matthew 4:17

Acts 3:19-20

1 John 1:9


Let’s remain in this mode of repentance.  Let’s ask Holy Spirit to bring to our remembrance areas in which we need to repent.     Ask God to BREAK EVERY CHAIN of bondage in our lives.  He is the CHAIN BREAKER!  Let’s release forgiveness to those who have offended us.  Let’s ask for forgiveness if we have offended others. 

Repentance means to turn away from sin.  God wants us to be successful in this walk of holiness.  If there is a particular area of sin that we keep running back to – let us reach out to our Pastor or Rabbi.  Ask for help and accountability.  

Let’s repent on the behalf of our nation.  As God did for Nineveh, let’s pray that our nation would be spared from any national crisis or judgement. Let’s pray continually in our prayer language and in our understanding. 

I recommend that we keep a prayer journal during this 40 Days of Prayer.  God will speak to us concerning the plans that He has for us.

Worship Experience: “Break Every Chain” w/ Tasha Cobbs

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