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New Year 2020: Taking New Territories

There is SUCH a significant extension of territory that is upon God’s people right now and the enemy is terrified. This isn’t an extension of territory that you have moved in or experienced before.

New Year 2020 is a NEW threshold. This is a major threshold of entering a land YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN IN BEFORE. That is WHY the battle is raging so much. The Lord is leading you into a new land, a new realm of ministry, a new venture, a new assignment and the Lord showed me that it is going to be the land that carries the power of God demonstrated greater than any other territory you have occupied before.

The Lord showed me in the pressing and the pushing of the enemy, the Spirit of God is drawing out the warrior within you and the roar of faith within you and pulling you higher into the place of living by (Matthew 4:4). Every word that flows out of the mouth of God. The Lord is pulling you into a higher reality of living from that seated place that is yours in Messiah Yeshua (Ephesians 2:6).

This is the time to get FEROCIOUS over what the Lord has told you and the land He has said is yours. This is the time to ROAR! This is the time for the bravehearts to arise. The Lord has been showing me the BRAVE HEARTS rising up in this hour. They are FULL of courage and they are NOT swayed by the attempts of the enemy!

I saw these brave hearts rising up with eviction notices in their hands. These eviction notices looked like scrolls and swords all in one. It is the word of the Lord in their hands that says “This is my promise and my inheritance.  I am not letting the enemy take my land!” The WORD OF THE LORD in the hands of God’s people is EVICTING the enemy.

The supernatural realm that is going to open up in these new territories is like nothing you have experienced before. This is a whole new realm of seeing the miraculous manifest through the assignments the Lord has for you. It is a massive change and shift that’s taking place and that’s why the battle is so intense. But in the battle God is fortifying you, strengthening you and maturing you so you CAN CARRY and MOVE in the new territory with ENDURANCE.

The enemy is also fighting to keep God’s people in a place of distraction and confusion and keep them from the secret place so they will NOT KNOW what TIME IT IS.

There is a MASSIVE call from the Lord right now to KNOW the time and the season. To KNOW what time it is! To DISCERN what God is saying. To DISCERN what God is doing and what is coming. It is a time like no other as we move into 2020 to KNOW THE TIME AND SEASON.

1 Chronicles 12:32:

“From the tribe of Issachar, there were 200 leaders of the tribe with their relatives. All these men understood the signs of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take.”  

God is releasing SPECIFIC REVELATION on YOUR TIME and YOUR SEASON and the time and season that we are in, in this new era. He is also releasing SPECIFIC WISDOM on the WAY to go and move through this new era and how to steward it.

There is a MASSIVE battle going on in the spirit over this. God is RAISING UP sons of Issachar. He is raising up those who live close to the heart of the Lord and know the times and the seasons.

The Lord spoke to me recently and He said “Many are prophesying out of YESTERDAY!” When He spoke that I felt the fear of God over me so strongly to live in the place that is SO CLOSE to His heart that what we speak and prophesy is out of the FRESH MANNA and the REVELATION being released from His heart TODAY.

The Lord showed me that supernaturally He is going to extend time. Where the enemy has stolen time from God’s people, the Lord is going to extend time where God’s people will see the power of God through their lives accomplish more in a day that could be naturally done. The enemy thought he could mess with time through distraction, confusion and other things but the Lord is turning it on its head to see God’s people take more ground in less time than ever before. We have a part to play in this. There is an invitation with the Lord to partner with Him right now and become FEROCIOUS over what the Lord is saying and to guard time and be intently FOCUSED.

The read this prophetic word in its entirety, please CLICK HERE.

Favor In New Lanes In 2020:

In this mighty deliverance that is taking place there is a shift into the acceleration of God that is going to take place. It is not living life in the fast lane of busyness or ‘doing things’ or ‘trying to make things happen’, it is acceleration by the hand of God and the lanes He assigns His people to.

New lanes are going to suddenly open up starting in January 2020 for many, new avenues where you are going to find opportunities and assignments that will bring forth the greatest demonstration of the acceleration of God that you have ever seen. In these new lanes, you will see the favor of God on unprecedented levels.

As this major transition and shift took place I saw people and things in other lanes attempting to cause many to move from these new lanes. I heard the Lord say “STAY IN YOUR LANE”

No matter what others say, no matter what other amazing opportunities or assignments may be presented to you, STAY in the lane God has shown you that opens up to you and you will find GREAT FAVOR and increase. It is SO important to stay in your lane and stay true to what the Lord calls you to and not be swayed by other voices or opportunities.

I also heard the Lord say “Do not shout ‘look at my new lane from the mountaintops!’  Ask the Lord for wisdom in the sharing of these ‘new lanes.’ Be wise and following the Lord’s direction for the sharing of these new lanes.  The Lord also spoke to me regarding social media and a warning He is releasing for this new era. I heard the Lord say ‘Be careful to not plaster everything over social media,’ for some of the new lanes and assignments the Lord will move His people into.

The Lord will give you specific instructions on how to share and steward your assignment. Some of these new lanes are assignments from the Lord that must be kept in secret between you and the Lord and those directly involved. There will be a major purging of hearts that will take place concerning social media in this new era and the Lord inviting His people into a deeper place of learning how to steward His move with greater purity and integrity.

The read this prophetic word in its entirety, please CLICK HERE.


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