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He Who Controls 5G Controls The World:

WASHINGTON — February 2020, Attorney General William P. Barr warns that China’s dominance of 5G telecommunication networks is one of America’s top priorities.”

What is 5G Technology? While the earlier (3G-4G) technologies were perfected to create more advanced smartphone technology, 5G technology is designed not only to improve their performance, but to link digital systems with the capability of handling enormous quantities of data in lightning speed. However, the most important 5G applications will be used for military protocols.

Mr. Barr noted that two Chinese telecom giants, Huawei and ZTE, account for about 40 percent of the GLOBAL 5G infrastructure. This is the first time in history that the United States was not the leader in a major technological sector.”

He Who Controls 5G Controls The World:

5G’s faster download speeds will be the foundation of new technologies – think driverless cars for example. While America and China compete for global domination of 5G technology other countries lag far behind.

About 40 years ago America began to close many of its the factories and initialized importing just about EVERYTHING from other countries. If China stopped trade with America we would be living off of scraps like a third world country. America must face the reality that we have given China the advantage economically, technologically, in trade, in global influence, and perhaps even militarily.

It’s time for America to rethink how we do things. It’s time for America to open factories that will increase production, create jobs, and stimulate the economy. God help us make America great again!”

Every empire has had their time to shine. The Persians ruled the world at one point then came Greece, then Rome conquered Greece. Now, America and China will race towards global dominance and so on…. Until God establishes His Kingdom on the earth!”

5G Technology: What Does The Corona Virus Have To Do With It?

I am pretty certain that 5G technology did not cause the spread of the Corona Virus. However, as America and China race towards 5G dominance; bio-warfare may become the weapon of choice.”

As quickly as the Corona Virus arrived on the scene, it will quickly dissipate. However, while most of society is preoccupied with hoarding toilet paper and binge watching their favorite television shows on Netflix during quarantine, a technology even more nefarious is on the horizon. He who controls 5G controls the world!”

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  1. If America is not Babylon the Great I dont know who is lol This might be the begining of the Great Tribulation.