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Arrested Development: Destroying the Python Spirit

What Is Arrested Development? Arrested Development is a term used to identify the root-cause of a person whose emotional, mental, spiritual, social, professional, financial, or psychological development has been stunted beyond their control.” Beloveds, there are spiritual forces designed to hinder our progress in life. From childhood, when we experience abandonment, abuse, fear, neglect, rejection, or trauma these types of traumatic events often open … Read More Arrested Development: Destroying the Python Spirit

Blockages, Barriers, & Resistance

  Blockages, Barriers, & Resistance Salvation is the first step in our journey to FREEDOM.  Deliverance is the second step. We must have both in order to experience a life of FREEDOM and WHOLENESS.   There are times when the Holy Spirit will lead us in militant intercession.  Through the power of intercession Yeshua equips us to  conquer the strongholds keeping us from a life … Read More Blockages, Barriers, & Resistance